100% Solids Epoxy
Dura Poxy

Dura Poxy


  • Composed of 100% epoxy solids, with no odor during application
  • Curing time of 12 to 14 hours
  • Extremely tough and hard, especially when strengthened by adding quartz chips; typically 20 mils thick
  • No shrinkage during curing process
  • No VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Comes in a variety of colors and textures created by adding quartz crystals during application


  • Ideal for the food processing industry applications and commercial kitchens because it meets health codes needed for operation
  • Perfect for multi-tenant buildings because of the lack of odor(s) that neighbors may find objectionable
  • Necessary for floors with major (> 10 mils) irregularities in the surface
  • Necessary for floors (or floor areas) requiring maximum resistance to damage from falling tools, forklifts, and similar causes of harm
  • Necessary for floors requiring maximum skid resistance such as in wet or frosty environments
  • Ideal for repairing deep cracks and holes in floors or vertical surfaces.
  • Can be used on walls, ceilings, woodwork and even non-porous surfaces like truck beds, metal silos, etc.


  • Cost of materials is about three times that of Dura Seal 400
  • Heavier shipping weight (per square foot of coverage) than Dura Seal 400

More details

Dura Poxy is our strongest floor covering. It consists of 100% solid epoxy which gives it maximum strength and no-odor application. Click here for a chart of Dura Poxy basic colors.

Dura Poxy with color quartz has a test strength of 22,000 lbs. per sq. inch in contrast to that of concrete which ranges from 2500 to 4500 lbs. per sq. inch depending on the mix.

The Dura Poxy catalyst is a special “wet surface catalyst” meaning that it will harden even in water. This can be advantageous for facilities like bottlers and food processors that may have water spill during the curing process. It also means that Dura Poxy can be used to make repairs in areas that may have spills or water flow.

Stones and other colored materials such as quartz can be mixed into Dura Poxy to produce a wide variety of terrific looks. Great applications for color quartz are high skid areas like bath, pool, freezer, steps, and other slip-prone areas. The surface is harder than steel so steel wheels will not wear it out. It is more resistant to heat than epoxy by itself. Click here for a chart of available quartz colors.

Flake Floor With Seams
Versatile Epoxy for Concrete Floors

Although many people tend to think of epoxy coatings for concrete floors as being primarily for use in the industrial field, the reality is that our high-grade epoxy surface covers are also suitable for use in restaurants, commercial kitchens and homes. We offer a wide selection of carefully formulated epoxy coatings that are suitable for a wide range of applications. Not only are they extremely functional and offer excellent value, they also provide a good finish that looks appealing.

Epoxy Commercial Kitchen Flooring

In many situations, an epoxy coating can be the perfect solution for a commercial kitchen. Very easy to keep clean and low maintenance, our commercial kitchen epoxy system is straight-forward to apply and usually dries within a few hours. Extremely tough and non-slip, it’s a great option if you have an uneven or cracked floor that needs a hygienic, level coating. Once in place, the coating can put up with punishing treatment with no ill-effects – perfect for a busy kitchen environment!

Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating

A popular option within a wide range of different industries, our epoxy is tough enough to cope effectively with heavy traffic and larger loads. One of the major advantages of our floor coating is that it dries fast, minimizing costly downtime and disruption; providing a cost-effective option even for bigger areas. Even if your existing floor is broken or uneven, epoxy can cover many minor flaws, resulting in a smooth, even surface that’s safe to work on.

Warehouse Floor Paint Available Here

We are an experienced company offering a good selection of high-grade paint products that are suitable for many different environments. For a FREE quote for your project or to request further information, call us at (952) 888-1488.

Here are several common uses for Dura Poxy

Heavy-body Dura Poxy contains thickeners and is thick like molasses for use like putty in floor cracks and holes. It can be floated on to the floor as well. Cures in about 6 hours.

Thin-body Dura Poxy can be mixed with color quartz to the consistency of peanut butter and trawled onto floors or walls. Curing time is about 12 hours. One gallon of Dura Poxy plus 28 pounds of color quartz makes about 1.7 cubic feet of material.

Dura Poxy can be flow coated onto clean room floors and floors that must have no odor while applying, like office spaces. One gallon covers about 125 to a maximum of 150 sq. ft. and is applied at about 10 mil. One coat is theoretically enough but because of application inconsistencies, it is best to plan on two coats. Takes 12 to 15 hours to cure. It is extremely important to mix for three minutes with good mixer to assure that the cure is good on all Dura Poxy products. Note that Dura Poxy hardens in the can in about 20 to 40 minutes depending on how warm the area is. Warmer temperatures result in a shorter time-to-harden.

Extremely durable and beautiful floors can be created by applying Dura Poxy to the floor followed by sprinkling a blend of color quartz onto the Dura Poxy.

The color quartz is a mineral close to diamonds in hardness. This means that steel wheels and other machinery are in contact with a surface that is harder then steel. The steel wheel will wear from friction, not the floor. A color quartz floor is virtually forever.

Melting temperature is 500 degrees F and produces CO2. If you have stones showing in your concrete you can level the floor surface to an even surface by flowing Dura Poxy to be (for example) two inches thick in one area and 10 mils thick a few inches away. Adhesion is the same in both areas and compression strength is also the same in both areas.

After hardening, you simply sweep and vacuum off the excess quartz. A clear or colored top coat is then applied. A squeegee with liquid may be used to fill holes and irregularities. If there are bad areas, they can be troweled in before putting on the topcoat. There is no need to wait for troweled areas to cure before applying the topcoat. Dura Seal 400 may be applied over Dura Poxy any time after it is cured for other colors, looks, or repairs.


Note that the applied color may vary slightly from this chart.


    900 Flat Black


    100 White


    118 Faun


    112 Gray


    270 Tile Red


    160 OSHA YLw




    110 Light Gray


    192 Tan

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