Heavy Duty Epoxy Coatings For Concrete Floors

Not all commercial buildings are the same or have the same types of wear and tear. At Durall Concrete Floor Coatings we understand that some commercial buildings, particularly manufacturing facilities, warehouses, hangars, commercial kitchens, garages and other types of production facilities are going to have a lot more demands on flooring than office buildings or retail outlets.

We offer our specialized Dura Poxy for use in these heavy-duty use types of areas. These are heavier epoxy coatings for concrete floors, but can also be used on vertical surfaces as well as on stairs, steps and other types of surfaces that need to be coated to protect from slips and skids.

The Benefits of Dura Poxy

Unlike some types of epoxy coatings for concrete floors, our Dura Poxy has no odor at all during or after application. This makes it ideal for use in commercial kitchens, residential homes or in any type of work environment. The coating is also non-slip and skid resistant, which means it also provides sure footing and traction for equipment, an important consideration in any type of production facility.

Keep in mind, this is a floor coating that is designed to stand up to heavy use, so it can be applied in areas where chemical spills, heavy equipment operation or even the risk of dropping materials and heavy objects on the floor may be a concern. With the addition of quartz chips, the surface becomes incredibly hard and also has a look that is much nicer than basic epoxy coatings.

In addition to just looking great, our epoxy coatings for concrete floors are extremely durable. The Dura Poxy can be used on irregular surfaces, and if there are cracks or holes in the floor, limiting the pre-application prep work and speeding up the entire process, so your business has limited downtime.

To talk to our staff about our epoxy floor coatings for heavy use areas, contact us today at 952-888-1488.

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