Options In Industrial Grade Epoxy By Durall Concrete Floor Coatings

While some industrial flooring and coating companies offer a range of all different types of products and materials, at Durall Concrete Floor Coatings, we take a different approach. We offer our industrial grade epoxy flooring solutions that are designed to stand up to the heaviest industrial and commercial uses from hangers and garages to food production and processing areas.

As a general overview, there are a few factors to consider when choosing the ideal industrial grade epoxy for your specific application. Our team of experts is here to assist you in choosing a product as well as to provide you with assistance before, during and after the application processes. We even provide live assistance 24/7 if you have any question or need help in any aspect of installation, no matter when you choose to get started.

Dura-Seal 400

Dura-Seal 400 is a very good option for use in a wide range of applications. It will be applied in 2 coats for a thickness of 4-5 mils. Once cured, which is typically in about 6 hours, this industrial grade epoxy offers high levels of chemical resistance and durability.

For both clear finishes and pigmented finishes, this product provides an excellent budget-friendly solution to sealing your surface.


With clear, pigmented finishes and quartz aggregate options, this is a skid-resistant flooring that is ideal for food preparation areas as well as any high traffic, heavy usage floor. It is approved by the USDA for incidental food contact use, which is essential in processing applications.

This epoxy coating can be applied and used in any type of environment, including environments that may get wet. It is also highly chemical resistant and can be applied up to 100 mils thick depending on the specific requirements. Because of its self-leveling capabilities, this is an ideal solution for concrete that may have slight to moderate surface irregularities.

To learn more about our various products or for assistance in placing an order, talk to our epoxy flooring experts 24/7 at 952-888-1488.

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