A Urethane Floor Coating – The Perfect Solution for High-Traffic Areas

A Urethane Floor Coating – The Perfect Solution for High-Traffic Areas

Warehouses, public areas and other concrete surfaces that come in for some heavy-duty use can swiftly become stained, cracked and uneven without a suitable form of epoxy floor system. A commercially made and applied coating for concrete floors can extend the life of the floor by many years. Offering an exceptionally tough and durable surfacing, a clear urethane floor coating or a polyaspartic sealer can be the perfect solution.

Polyaspartic Urethanes

We Provide Both Polyaspartic Urethane and Polyurethane Options

The main difference between our urethane floor paint options is the length of time they take to dry (or walk-on-time). Any floor system normally involves an epoxy base layer, followed by a coat of polyurethane or polyaspartic urethane. A top coat is then applied, which may contain quartz or paint chips to add to the aesthetic appeal of the surface. A polyaspartic coating costs more than the urethane equivalent, but will literally dry within a few hours, minimizing downtime and business disruption in demanding environments.

Polyurethane for Concrete Floors

Our established firm uses high-grade industrial concrete floor coatings to provide the excellent results our customers deserve. If you’re not sure what type of coating is going to be most appropriate for your intended application, get in touch and our knowledgeable team will be delighted to help. We offer both urethane and polyaspartic coating systems, ensuring you have access to some of the best products on the market. To find out more about the reliable, high-grade polyaspartic floor coating and other options we have on offer, call us at (952) 888-1488.

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