Solvent-Based Epoxy

Dura Seal 400


  • Made of 40% epoxy plus solvents that evaporate causing some odor during application
  • Curing time of 5 to 7 hours
  • Hard, typically 7 mils thick
  • Some shrinkage during curing process
  • Easy to work with; faster flowing than Dura Poxy
  • Comes in a variety of colors


  • Appropriate for surfaces that are relatively flat
  • Has optional non-slip, textured finish for floors that may get wet or where slip resistance is essential


  • Cost of materials is about 1/3 that of Dura Poxy
  • Lower shipping weight (per square foot of coverage) than Dura Poxy

More details

Dura Seal 400

Porous concrete floors or floors that experience a lot of traffic, whether pedestrian or vehicular, need the protection that Dura Seal 400 offers. Dura Seal 400 penetrates into the pores of the concrete for excellent adhesion and “lies on top” to form a solid surface plate, recognized by the USDA as a contaminant barrier.

In addition to black, white, and clear, Dura Seal 400 comes in a wide variety of floor colors. Also choose from a wide selection of colors of plastic chips which may be sprinkled within the coating to provide an endless variety of colors and textures.

Dura Seal 400 meets all USDA and EPA standards. Applied by roller, brush, or spray, it leaves an easy-to-clean, hard, glossy floor surface, suitable for incidental food contact. Available in 10 gallon or 2 gallon units and mixes 1:1.

The Dura Seal 400 promise

Dura Seal 400 epoxy gives your floor — whether it be in an automotive show room or service area or a plastics or printing shop — the clean, neat, organized look that impresses customers.

Dura Seal 400 provides floors with heavy-duty protection from wear. It prevents dusting of concrete, makes floors wear longer, protects floors from penetration of oil, grease, and foreign matter, mechanically hardens the concrete by filling the pores and binding the particles, and provides a hard, yet elastic, durable, damage-resistant surface.

There is no higher quality floor seal available on the market today. Northwest Airlines is still using a Durall floor laid down 33 years ago!

Applying Dura Seal 400 is simple and concrete preparation is the key to long life and over-all lower costs.

Scrub with carbide nilo grit type brush and rotary scrubber. Then vacuum off and do as follows:

  1. Apply Degrease Rite, a pH 12 degreaser
  2. Apply Dura Kleen Etcher, a pH 5 cleaner.
  3. Water rinse twice.
  4. Allow to dry to white finish.
  5. When surface is rough and clean to touch (no dust), apply with roller, brush, or airless sprayer (use vapor mask).
  6. After 6 hours, repeat step 5. as needed.
  7. Drivable in 12 hours, cures over 28 days.

Timing per 1,000 sq. ft. of above:

  1. 1.5 hours
  2. 1.5 hours
  3. 1.0 hours
  4. 5.0 hours
  5. 0.5 hours
  6. 0.5 hours
  7. 12 hours

Durall support is unparalleled. We have been here for over 30 years and will be here when you need us in the future.

Our in-house laboratory has developed over 500 support products, enabling us to be a true one-stop shop.

And of course, you have our industry-leading 7-day, 24-hour hotline support staff on duty to assist with all your in-the-field questions.

Dura Seal 400 Colors

Customers like Cessna Citation use a colored circle to position the location of each plane on their manufacturing floor. Others color their entire walk ways with our OSHA Yellow in order to avoid placing items in the aisles. Durall can also help you add pizzazz to your floor. Durable color formulations are as dependable as plain old gray—so live a little! Eliminate dangerously slippery surfaces with the addition of non-skid additives, or choose high gloss for a stunning mirror sheen.
  • 900 Flat Black
  • 114 Charcoal
  • 112 Gray
  • 110 Light Gray
  • 108 Flat Gray
  • 80 Aluminum
  • 118 Faun
  • 100 White
  • 103 Blue White
  • 160 OSHA YLw
  • 168 Cream
  • 225 Buff
  • 195 Taupe
  • 310 Blue
  • 270 Tile Red
  • 204 Deep Red
  • 200 Brown
  • 198 Coco Brn.
  • 190 Terracotta
  • 309 Turauoise
  • 308 Light Blue
  • 360 Dk. Green
  • 358 Blue Grn.
  • 355 Med. Grn.
  • 350 Lt. Green
  • Clear
  • 192 Tan
  • 109 House Gray

Which Industries benefit from Dura Seal 400 floors?


  • Companies involved in storing or processing food
  • Companies who are under FDA oversight
  • Breweries and Granaries
  • Frozen food processors
  • Dairy processors
  • We invite you to join Pillsbury, General Mills, Swanson Meats, Marigold Foods, and our many other food industry customers.


  • New car dealerships
  • Repair shops
  • Oil change stations
  • Consider joining the many Cadillac dealerships, Amoco gas stations, and Valvoline centers who benefit from Dura Seal 400.


  • Printing companies
  • Plastics factories
  • Metal plating factories
  • Special parts manufacturers
  • Join our many customers like those in the computer and printing industries who need to present a positive image of their facilities.


  • Garage floors
  • Wood plank or plywood floors

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