Make carpet tack holes disappear

Make carpet tack holes disappear

When carpet is removed from concrete, tack-strip holes and craters are usually left by nails being pulled out of underlying concrete floors. Each removed nail can leave up to a half-inch wide hole in the floor. The same is true with doorway transition plates that edged ther carpeting or tile. The removal of old walls can leave even bigger holes in the floor. The following information can help you repair your floor holes so that smooth, modern, flow-coated flooring can be applied.
After removing floor tiles, tack-strips, doorplates, or walls, your floors will need to be cleaned so that holes can be filled with a permanent bond. If all that you need is to fill the holes, the preparation need only apply to those areas. This will mean that your holes will be made level again but you will still be able to see each of them unless covered with another material. If you will be using an epoxy or urethane coating over the top, you should prepare the entire floor before filling the holes.

Now that your floor is prepped, you can mix Durall’s grout with water to a peanut butter consistency. With a gloved hand, spread the grout onto the floor and pull your hand across the cratered areas. Then use a putty knife or wooden stir stick to strike off the excess material. Allow the grout to set up for an hour or so. Then go over the grouted areas with a rotary scrubber and pad to flush up the top surface, removing excess grout. Sweep up the debris that is created. Even though the grout has not fully set up, you can now put your first coat of epoxy down, being careful not to pull the grout out of the holes. Once the epoxy is set up, go over the floor with a 60-grit screen to remove any graininess from the surface. Sweep up the debris and you’re ready for the second coat. If done well, those tack-strip holes will disappear.

If you have holes where heavy equipment might be traveling over them, you may wish to fill them with 100% solid epoxy instead of the grout, as epoxy will have much better adhesion to those shallow holes. Because of the surface tension that liquid products have, you may need to allow some time to harden. Finally, flush the surface area to be level with the surrounding floor area by using a grinder.

Durall Industrial Flooring supplies kits of materials that are customized to owner specifications and delivered directly to the job site. Kits include full directions and 24/7 help lines are staffed by seasoned flooring experts, so professionals and amateurs alike can successfully install a quality floor.

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