Epoxy Floor Coating for the Living Room

Epoxy Floor Coating for the Living Room

Although many people tend to associate epoxy with garages or industrial units, the reality is that good-quality epoxy flooring is an attractive, durable installation in almost any ground floor room. Particularly useful as a living room floor coating where flooding is a risk, an epoxy floor coating for the living room could completely transform the look of your home.

Living Room Epoxy Floor Coating

The waterproof, even nature of an epoxy surface means that spills or leaks can be easily mopped up without damaging the surface. Incredibly hard-wearing, epoxy is a great surface in heavy traffic areas or where there are pets. Epoxy is resistant to mold and bacteria, making it an ideal floor surface for allergy sufferers. In addition, if correctly applied, epoxy will last far longer than most traditional floor coverings.

Possibly the Best Living Room Floor Coating

Epoxy requires very little maintenance to keep looking its best. A quick mop or squeegee and it is restored to pristine condition. As well as being easy to maintain, epoxy can also be formulated to give an enormous range of effects. As well as being available in a selection of different colors, the addition of quartz chips or similar additives can result in a fantastic look that complements both traditional and contemporary homes.

Living Room Floor Coating

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a hard-wearing, anti-allergenic coating that does not emit VOCs and will last for absolutely ages, epoxy could be the solution. Attractive, low-maintenance and versatile, when covered with a few rugs for added interest it offers a great alternative to vinyl or carpet. To find out more about epoxy floor coatings or to place an order, call us at (952) 888-1488.

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