Epoxy Can Help to Reduce Your Flood Costs​

Epoxy Can Help to Reduce Your Flood Costs​

If you live in a flood plain, or just happen to live in a location where there is a high risk of flooding, you will know how important it is to minimize the risk of permanent damage to your home in the event of a flood. Unfortunately, floor surfaces such as carpeting, vinyl, wood or linoleum are usually permanently damaged following a flood, requiring complete removal and replacement. In these circumstances, epoxy can provide a cost-effective, attractive and incredibly hard-wearing alternative.

Mold- and Bacteria-Resistant Floor Surfacing

One of the biggest issues for home or business owners returning to their property after a flood is dealing with the risk of mold or bacteria growing on previously flooded surfaces. It is virtually impossible to completely dry out most floor surfaces, leaving them vulnerable to later bacterial growth. Epoxy is designed to be both mold and bacteria resistant, complying with the guidelines laid down for floor surfacing in laboratories and other locations where hygiene is absolutely vital.

Epoxy is Attractive as Well as Practical

A growing number of people are turning to epoxy as their floor surfacing of choice where flooding is a possibility. Because epoxy can be dyed, as well as mixed with a selection of decorative agents to give a spectacular, attractive finish, it can be used in lounges and living areas, as well as in garages, utility rooms and similar. The epoxy can be gently curved up the walls, increasing the area of space that requires little more than a mop down to return it to its former glory following a flood.

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