Installing Floors to Last

Installing Floors to Last

How long does your epoxy floor last before it needs replacing? Many building managers, premises owners and similar business professionals are resigned to purchasing a fresh epoxy floor every few years, as their existing floor surface swiftly becomes damaged, exposing the more vulnerable sub-surface beneath. Frequently, the reason for this rapid degeneration is not heavy traffic or over-use; rather, poor preparation has led to faulty adhesion between the epoxy and the underlying sub-strait.

We Prepare with Plenty of Care

What makes us stand out from the rest is the care and attention that we lavish on preparing the sub-surface before the epoxy is applied. Particularly when the sub-surface is new, dust, chips, cracks and unstable areas are common features of many concrete floors, even those that have been recently applied. We make sure all these flaws are rectified before the epoxy is laid.

Premium Cleaning Agents for Optimal Results

We adopt a thorough approach to sub-surface cleaning; we use a variety of advanced agents which remove detritus, grime and other impurities from the surface to be covered. This means that when the epoxy is laid, a good seal is obtained which is likely to last significantly longer than when the epoxy is applied over a poorly prepared surface.

Extend the Life of Your Epoxy Even Further with Running Repairs

If a small piece of epoxy does become compromised, due to wear and tear or a large amount of force, often a small reapplication will be enough to resolve the issue. It is always best to catch any problems as soon as they emerge – the faster a faulty piece of epoxy is dealt with, the less likely it is that the problem will grow worse.

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