Matching logo colors for that custom look

Matching logo colors for that custom look

For many corporations, eye appeal is of paramount importance. As a result, dealerships like John Deere and Ferrari have asked for custom floor colors to highlight their products. Because Durall is a factory-direct operation, matching specific colors is not a problem. All that is needed is a color sample and an order large enough to warrant special production batches. Minimum volumes of 40 to 50 gallons depending on the color are usually needed.
In addition, logos, striping and other highlighting can be incorporated into these flooring displays. Often aircraft manufacturers and automakers will highlight their products on specially color-coded areas within their showrooms. Circles, ovals, and other shapes often create a sense of importance and prestige for featured products. This concept is not limited to the transportation industry. Selecting the best colors to display larger product offerings can set them apart, building a pedestal effect in increasing their prominence on the show floor.

Of course, good design is a major factor in using colored flooring areas to highlight product. Added touches like glitter colored chips and embedded logos, as well as other creative ideas, have been employed over the years. Because epoxy flooring comes in many colors, including clear, embossing unique ideas under a clear coat is practical and inexpensive.

Disney was one of the companies that pioneered the concept of color coding pathways to help direct traffic correctly through their facilities. This concept not only provides interest but can also improve safety in combination with skid-resistant finishes and highlights to draw attention to hazards. For example, curbs, stairway step edges, and ramps can be made highly visible with the use of color.

If you have a larger epoxy floor area to seal, consider the many low-cost options that use color to bring life to those areas.

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