Epoxy Floors – a Great Solution to Minimize the Risk of Unwanted Water Build-Up

Epoxy Floors – a Great Solution to Minimize the Risk of Unwanted Water Build-Up

Spills, leaks, drips and other unwanted sources of water do not only create a health & safety hazard; if left untreated they can also have a significant impact on your flooring surface. If you want to minimize both the risk of leaks occurring and of surface damage, an epoxy coating could be just what is needed. Completely waterproof and extremely tough, once epoxy is laid over a surface, it will be completely protected from most forms of liquid contamination.

Level Your Low Spots with Epoxy

Many traditional floors end up with uneven areas where water can collect. Even epoxy floors can end up with a few low spots, often due to an uneven sub-strait or excessive wear. In these circumstances, epoxy resin can be used to level the pockets in the surface. Epoxy will set level with the top of the dip, creating a smooth, durable answer that eliminates the low spot completely.

Have You Considered Epoxy Berms?

Spills are inevitable. An epoxy raised strip (or berm) can help to contain spills. Our epoxy products are simple to apply and can be used to create berms around a variety of different areas where it is likely that liquid containment will be needed. Epoxy is resistant to bacteria, bleach, germs, mold, most chemicals, water, corrosion and plenty more. Ideal for a variety of environments, epoxy is just the thing to tackle the problem of unwanted liquid on your floor surface.

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