Durall adds new technology to its epoxy products

Durall adds new technology to its epoxy products

As years go by, you have probably recognized that some things become brittle with the passage of time. This phenomenon applies to all sorts of materials. It has become a particular problem for plastics. By definition plastics conform to the surfaces they are molded to but historically all plastics eventually become more and more brittle.
Durall paints now have a new ingredient that helps epoxy finishes maintain their flexibility so they can resist chipping better over time. With the addition of our new technology, Durall’s industrial flooring epoxy products maintain their flexibility and resistance to impact like never before. As a result, chipping from the impact of dropped tools and other objects is reduced. Of course if something is destined to chip the underlying concrete it will usually penetrate the floor coating as well. Durall epoxy can extend the beauty and life of your floor.

This improvement is just one of the many technology improvements Durall has added over its 40 years of product development, in addition to improving epoxies over the years. Durall has added support products including specialty cleaners, crack and hole repair materials, and a selection of hand tools to make the work go more efficiently.

Durall custom designs kits of materials tailored to each project. As a result, our customers usually start projects with confidence that work will not need to be interrupted for lack of materials needed. Because the old adage that what can go wrong, will go wrong so often applies, Durall provides a 24/ 7 help line. As a result, contractors and consumers alike can be assured of completing the projects on time.

Durall also knows that projects often need to be completed on floors that are heavily used. These projects are commonly done during off-hours, weekends, and other down times, so Durall technical help is available to field those unusual problems that may occur during these times. We believe in building partnerships with our customers, as your success is our success.

For a detailed quote of materials needed to apply epoxy paint to your floor, please visit our free cost analysis page at http://concrete-floor-coatings.com/costanalysis/

For more information, contact Chris Biesanz at chris@durallmfg.com or phone 1-800-466-8910 or 952-888-1488 (24/7).

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