Test your shop, kitchen, or production floor for color, application, and wear

Test your shop, kitchen, or production floor for color, application, and wear

Durall will send you a sample kit and profile of what you need. Click here to request a $50 sample kit plus free project cost analysis.

Looking for the best floor paint, concrete resurfacer, concrete floor seal, garage floor epoxy, or concrete paint before doing a major project? It’s often better to test both the product and colors of your flooring product to make sure they are compatible with your goals. Durall’s low cost test kit provides our customers with the confidence that our products will meet the tests of both durability and ease of application.

The test kit may be purchased in any color available. It includes enough epoxy to do two coats on a little over 40-sq. ft. of bare concrete, along with the recommended cleaners, applicators, and step-by-step instructions. While materials for repairing cracks and holes are not included in the kit, Durall does have those available. Although these newly applied epoxy floors don’t fully cure for about four weeks, they are at 90% hardness in seven days. Besides durability, these kits allow examining how well the color choice fits in to the surroundings. Also, the skid resistance of shiny floors and compatibility with lighting and other factors can be experienced firsthand.

This kit of is available in the Dura seal 400 epoxy product line. Note that this line does contain solvents, which emit a strong odor for 7 to 10 hours until cured. If an application is needed where odor cannot be present and/or if the uneven surface needs to be brought back up to level, we would recommend trying out the Dura Poxy hundred-percent-solids epoxy line. This kit price is also $50, but produces about half the coverage which would mean two coats on about 20 sq-ft. of surface. However, because there are no solvents, pits and irregularities in the floor can be filled with this liquid finish. Of course, the more volume needed to fill imperfections, the less square footage will be covered. In addition, this coating requires about 12 hours for each applied coat to cure. It is of course important for both epoxy products to be stirred at least 200 strokes to assure that the product will harden properly when on the floor.

We send you a complete list of materials and tools, including prices, needed for your flooring project. Detailed, step-by-step instructions covering every aspect of coating your floor, including preparing the surface, applying the coating(s), and keeping it smooth and clean, are also included. The kit allows experimenting with different sample chip colors and other variations.

Buy only what you need. Note that the price for our two-quart sample kit of Dura Seal 400 includes a quart each of our two recommended cleaners and an application brush. As an added bonus we will send your choice of up to three samples of color chips to experiment with. We will also send a sample project quote. Your quote will include floor coating materials, and also repair, coving, tools, preparation, virtually everything you may need to complete a professional job, exceeding health code requirements.

You are under no obligation to purchase and we are happy to answer any questions you might have about your project – whether you buy our product or not.

Click here to request a $50 sample kit plus free project cost analysis.

Note also that Durall Concrete Floor Coatings is an expert installer as well as manufacturer. Please let us know if you are interested in installation services.

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